How we are helping professionals prepare for the Future of Work in Africa

Global companies are looking for talents and Human capital that you don’t have to babysit. At one of the major World Economic Forum, WEF summit in the United States this year, 2019, someone made a comment about talents in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yes, Africa has the largest population of young people across the world and that is supposed to be a blessing but the question is what are doing with it?

And so what? How does that help anyone? Are we developing our talents for global demands? Are employees across different climes and industry ready for the dynamics of the future?

What is the future of work really about?

Let us think about it this way. Things have changed and we are seeing new norms. Very new norms, to be honest. I’d give you a few instances. People are getting busy by the day doing nothing, really. We are interacting with so many products at the same time: Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Jumia app(even when you are not buying), banking solution, doing lots of transactions every day. The good news(not too good for businesses) is that our behaviours are also changing as new products get to market. More products, new behaviour.

This can get so overwhelming to businesses because we need to be able to predict the next move, we need to have stronger intelligence directing our decisions. As a company, you cant rely on your feeling and opinion again because you don’t know these customers. Remember everyone is changing every minute!

So, it is important to bring data to every conversation. You need to be able to analyze, crunch, manipulate and extrapolate data. The more you beat this data, the more it confesses to you.

We Launched Our Data Academy

We started our Data Academy to help professionals with no technical and engineering background bring the value of analytics to their businesses. This has been an amazing experience so far! Within 4 months, we have developed about 500 professionals from about 300 companies.

June 2019 Cohorts: Some of our participants

About 40% of our students are currently in the traditional industries like banking, insurance, manufacturing etc, 30% are currently in the emerging sector, 15% work with social and non-profit organizations.

Our learning approach for Data Analytics was developed in collaboration with 6 Fintech companies and was created by about 10 industry leaders. Today, we have about 15 leading trainers that are committed to delivering knowledge and experience in Data Science.

If you are looking for just training, we are not a good fit for you but you are looking for a place to develop you and prepare for the Future of Work, Utiva it is.

Our learning program combines both online experience and physical training:

  • The training runs for 1 month: Physical classes which run on Saturdays and Sundays
  • There are online sessions which run on Fridays(compulsory)
  • Saturdays by 10:00 am — 2:00 pm, and Sundays by 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • The online learning focuses on the Data Analytics consulting practice
  • You’d also be engaged in a 4 hours hackathon where you’ll be working on and making business sense of real data of our partnering tech companies after the whole academy.
  • There is also a certificate accredited by our partner in the UK!

The Data Hackathon: 4 Hours Data Challenge!

A sample Case for the Utiva Challenge

Working directly with the Utiva Data Partners, our talents get to engage in a 4-hours data challenge. The bests(top 25%) of the talents get the opportunity to interview immediately with any of our partners

Want to learn more about our Analytics program, watch more!

We are enthusiastic about the ‘Future of Work’ and Industry 4.0. We are developing top talents for fast-rising companies. We are a technology company!