Make Your Weekend Count

3 min readFeb 9, 2021

Developing Capacity to Win in the Technology Industry

This weekend (13th and 14th of February 2021) will be about learning and developing some capacity to win for yourself.

Your achievements are yours! Learning pushes you to the stage you need to get to.

1. First Area of Learning!

This is where you learn how to get into Technology as a Data Analyst: A 2-hour session designed to help you find your footing in the Data Analytics space and how it affects businesses.

2. Take Your Data Analytics To The Next Level: Machine Learning

If you have some bit of background in Data Science, this is where you take it to the next level. Here, we’d show you to move from where you are right now to the next phase in the Data Science.

This is For Career Starters: Recent Graduates, NYSC Corp Members

This is for you if you are a starter; an undergraduate, a recent graduate, or an NYSC corp member. You want to learn how to start your career and get into data science.

Global Opportunities for Product Managers: Register Here

If you are playing the local game, then you are playing small. Do you want to think more international?

This is the place to learn from someone who is currently exploring the big game in Dublin.

Business Intelligence and Power BI for Visualization

This is another opportunity to learn how Data is changing the narratives of business intelligence. This is the best place to learn how Data can help drive business sense.

Why You Should Take Project Management Serious: Register Here

Have you noticed that some project managers seem to operate at a different level entirely? Successful project managers seem to make even the most impossible projects go right and always end up with a happy customer. But how do they do that?

Building from the Scratch

This is an opportunity to learn how to think from the user’s perspective and learn how to understand users and design solution that answers their needs




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