About 20 More Days to Go!

4 min readDec 10, 2020


If you have ever come across Utiva, we are always about one single thing- making technology education simple for all.

This week, I have chosen to highlight some of the Utiva freebies for you because I know you want to keep learning. Do you know that over 6000 people have gone through our learning programs? Yes, within 2 years.

And the interesting thing is that we all want the same thing- a better life. We also realized that we are still on the 4.7 star! Okay, enough of the ‘we’ and let’s talk about you!

Some people at Utiva that needs to be flogged!

So this week, if you are among those who just want to know how Data Analytics can shape their career, then you might want to consider our Data Accelerator Program. Let me tell you the truth and I hope you get it. We just realize that you get to a point and you are wondering how Analytics can give you an edge! You want more from your career and also want to use analytics to make more strategic decisions, then jump in our Accelerator program.

We have a FREE Masterclass that will help you learn how to build a Data Analytics Portfolio.

This session will be led by one of the Utiva experts and you can trust that it is designed to help you get started in the field of Data Analytics.

Date: 12th of December

Time: 11:00am

Venue: Just join us on Zoom and you don't have to leave your room!

I had a conversation with a recent graduate last week and I told her that self-development has gone beyond just learning any form of skills- but getting your hands on Skills of the Future. So let’s talk about the Skill of the Future- Data Analytics. We have helped over 600 recent graduates learn Data Analytics and also helped over 65% transition into new jobs.

Want to learn more? We have a special

Yes, before you get pissed off. I have something for you if you are a starter. This is for you if you just want to start from the beginning! You want us to get you up from the beginning of analytics. Yes, I am bold enough to say that the first tool you need to jump on is Excel for Data Analytics. Simple tool but killer value and relevance. So, the Utiva Data Incubator is designed for starters.

And yes, we have another FREE session for starters.

Register here: http://bit.ly/UDAMasterclass

Yes, let’s get to the big stuff. Big Data with Python. Wondered why it was named after a big snake? Well, I also don’t know. What are we talking about here? Well, I will give you some small value- Python is a programming language that helps you achieve some complex tasks in a simple way. So, here you’d learn to write some codes(not some though) and then achieve some complex analytics. Python provides a huge number of libraries to work on Big Data. You can also work — in terms of developing code — using Python for Big Data much faster than any other programming language. These two aspects are enabling developers worldwide to embrace Python as the language of choice for Big Data projects.

If this sounds exciting, then we have designed a special session to help you appreciate the power of PYTHON.

Register here and fast about it: https://bit.ly/PythonMasterclass

Wondering when and where? Yes, it's going to be virtual and also on the 12th of December 2020

Now, let’s talk about those who want to sit between Business, Engineering, and Sales- this is one of the toughest jobs on earth. Leadership in tech is tough because you have to be the center of many things towards building a technology product and taking the product to market. This is what Product Managers do! Do you want to be the brain behind great products like PiggyVest, Paystack, Flutterwave, KudaBank, Kobo360 etc? Yes, this is your space! The Utiva Product School is one of the best and largest in Africa. Want to try us out?


Another opportunity this week is the Utiva Free Masterclass on PRODUCT DESIGN. Let me ask you a godly question. How many times do you delete an app from your phone because you don't like the interface? Yes, that is a design problem. Do you want to learn to design technology products? Run and sign in for our masterclass: Design school: http://bit.ly/UtivaDesignMC




We are enthusiastic about the ‘Future of Work’ and Industry 4.0. We are developing top talents for fast-rising companies. We are a technology company!